LED Swimming Pool Lights Save Energy

LED Pool Lights Cut Energy Use

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LED swimming pool lights are a great innovation. The provide clean, white light (or colors) and the same or more brightness at a fraction of the energy use.

I replaced my two incandescent pool lights a year ago, and I am extremely happy that I did. I previously had my pool lights on a timer running three hours a night. This was enough to enjoy the ambiance of the pool, but the cost of running them any longer was unpalatable. When I installed my new lights I quickly realized how much money I would save, and as a result I decided to extend the time to 6 hours. This has provided a lot more enjoyment from my pool area, and adds a little bit of security by lighting the back yard until midnight each night.

My savings were easy to calculate. I had two 500W bulbs, and I went to two equivalent LEDs that draw 30W each, ot 60W total. I would be saving 440W x 3 hours per day x 365 days a year. That amounts to 481,800 watt-hours per year, just for replacing two bulbs! The savings double if you consider that I am now running them twice as long.

Now the LED lights were admittedly costly to purchase, but when you consider that I would have to change the incandescent bulbs several times in the 10+ year lifespan of the LEDs, the cost makes sense. More importantly, the lights look fantastic, easily providing more light and more even lighting, and I am getting much more enjoyment from my pool area at night. Sometimes it’s not all about saving money, but adding to your quality of life!

The first thing to consider when looking at a solar energy investment is efficiency. Where can you make changes that reduce your energy consumption? This is often cheaper than just producing more power. We take a wider approach to solar energy sales and consulting, looking at your existing pool pump and equipment to give you ideas about energy conservation. We don’t sell LED pool lights, but I can definitely recommend them!

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