Mobile Solar Generator Trailer For Sale in Fort Myers, FL

Mobile Solar Generator For Sale
Mobile Solar Generator For Sale

A few years back I built several mobile solar generator trailers through my company AMP Systems. They were sold to people in a variety of industries for a surprisingly broad set of uses. When I took a full-time position with Southwest Florida’s leading solar contractor, my trailer-mounted solar energy business effectively ended. I had a prototype trailer that we ended up using for promotional events and lent out to organizations that needed generators for events. We are no longer using the trailer and I have decided to put it up for sale (Edit 4/1/16: This unit has been sold).

It’s a bit of a sad day. The trailer, affectionately named Baby AMP by my friend Sissy, was the first one I built — AMP System serial number 0001. We had an absolute blast with Baby AMP, which was originally outfitted with a flat screen TV and satellite dish. I recall a blowout party on the Sanibel Causeway, and taking it to a Super Bowl tailgate party where we stayed to watch the game (with a huge crowd around us). This trailer has served a construction site, a ham radio competition, art festivals, eco-events, concert stages, and more. It even powered a complete outdoor wedding reception with lighting and band!

So what is it? It’s a trailer containing a very powerful battery bank. It has a top of the line sine wave  inverter to convert power to standard 120V/240V AC power. The inverter has an integrated charger to charge the batteries from any electrical outlet. But the real cool feature is the solar panel array with 8 panels that charge the batteries, even during use.

Like any “off-grid” solar energy system, this mobile solar energy system contains all of the components to produce power away from a utility power source. The ratings are as follows:

  • 840W Solar Array with 40A Charge Controller
  • 4,400W Inverter Output (8,800W surge)
  • 38,400kWh Battery Bank (800aH @ 48V)
  • Custom 5×7 Cargo Trailer with 5,000 pound torsion axle, carpet lined

Guess what — it operates silently! That’s right — remote power with no noise and no fumes to spoil the fun.

So what can you do with this?

  • Party on! This makes an awesome tailgating unit. Put a TV and Kegerator in it, and hit the beach/campsite/party.
  • Power small construction sites — handheld tools require intermittent power, yet job sites frequently have a generator wasting gas and annoying the neighbors.
  • Use it for backup power the same way you would use a portable generator.
  • Power your home during power outages (with proper inlet and transfer switch to be code compliant or with extension cords).
  • Take it to your remote fishing/hunting/camping cabin to provide temporary power for a long weekend.
  • Turn it into a marketing machine for your business. People are enthralled by it and you will attract a crowd.
  • Power monitoring systems, cameras, or other devices at unattended remote sites where fuel delivery is difficult or costly.
  • Rent it out. Start a business renting it as an alternative to gas guzzling generators.
  • Anywhere you would use a portable generator, you can use a mobile solar generator.

What else do you need to know?

  • Because of the batteries, it’s heavy. The total weight is about 4,000 pounds, so make sure your vehicle is appropriately rated. Most pickup trucks and SUVs can handle it, no problem.
  • It is advisable to use a 7-wire trailer plug and brake controller. The trailer is equipped with electric trailer brakes.
  • The trailer has had vinyl graphics applied, some of which are still in place. You will probably want to paint the trailer or wrap it with your own vinyl graphics.

So what do I want for it?

A unit with identical specifications sold for $24,000. I am selling this unit at a ridiculously deep discount. I’ve made my money with it, and I’m selling it for what I could easily get by disassembling it and selling the components individually. I would rather see Baby AMP get a new home where it can continue working hard for someone. I’m asking $4,400.

If you are interested, please contact my office to set up a time that you can come by our office to take a look. Call (239) 491-8010.

Baby AMP at the Super Bowl, just outside the stadium:

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