Naples Home Gets Solar Pool Heater

Solar Pool Heating Panels on a Tile RoofA family of four recently contacted us about solar pool heating for their Naples, FL swimming pool. Their home’s orientation on the lot wasn’t ideal for solar energy, and the two story house to the east casts morning shade on their most suitable tile roof surface. However, we were still able to make it work.

In difficult situations like this, we solar contractors need to diligently explain to the homeowner that they will not be able to achieve the same performance levels as someone with an ideally situated roof.  However, there are still substantial benefits to be had from a solar pool heater, so this family decided to move forward.

Sub-par orientations don’t render solar panel complete ineffective. Instead of getting almost year-round swimming, this system will significantly expand the swimming season for the family with two small children. Because shading and poor roof orientations result in less heating, there will be fewer days each year where they will swim, but every day the pool water will still be warmer than an unheated pool, drastically increasing the number of “swimmable” days.

To combat the lower performance, we increased the number of solar panels.

Because solar pool heaters operate for free, and there is only the up front cost to consider, any heating and extension of the swimming season benefits pool owners. These homeowners wisely considered their options and concluded that based on their swimming habits, solar pool heating would work for them.

Solar Pool Heating on a Tile Roof in Naples, FL
Solar Pool Heating on a Tile Roof in Naples, FL
Naples Tile Roof Solar Panel Installation
Naples Tile Roof Solar Panel Installation




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