Should I Put Solar Panels on the Front of My House?

Aesthetic concerns are understandable when deciding to install solar panels on your home, and especially on the front of your home. Good planning and layout, properly selected materials, and excellent workmanship can result in great looking systems anywhere on a home. Since solar panels are ubiquitous in Florida, especially solar pool heating panels, it is an accepted norm to place solar panels wherever they will perform best.

We recently sold a system of solar panels on a brand new silver colored metal roof. The homeowner previously had a system on the front of the house on a shingle roof, which faces south-southeast. With gable ends and no other suitable roof surface, the front of the home was the only option. Adding the the complexity, there was a perpendicular gable roof and a perpendicular hip roof to contend with, but we were able to tuck two smaller panels to the left of the garage to add heating performance. A couple of roof obstructions dictated the layout as well.

Despite all of these obstacles, we were able to design and have installed a great looking system that blends into the home and the community. White plumbing blends in to the roof, with plumbing running along ridge lines, valleys, and eaves to provide a neat, clean installation. Ultimately we have a warm pool and a happy solar customer — and that’s what counts!

In case you are wondering, Florida law prevents homeowner’s associations from prohibiting solar panels on the front of homes as long as it meets certain criteria. We can help you understand the law and what needs to be done to ensure you get the most out of your solar panels.

Solar Panels on Front of Home in Cape Coral, FL
Solar Panels on Front of Home in Cape Coral, FL

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