Solar Panels for Swimming Pool in Naples, FL

Solar Panels for Swimming Pool in Naples, FL

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These solar panels for a swimming pool in Naples, FL were installed by Florida Solar Design Group recently. This “banked” system was sized for a large pool with lots of water features, needing maximum heating performance.

Naples has one of the highest densities of swimming pools in Florida. Despite the southern Florida location, most homeowners find that they need to heat their pool to enjoy it. That’s where solar energy comes in. Solar pool heating is extremely common here.

How to Best Heat Your Naples Swimming Pool

Electric heat pumps have to work the hardest when the outside temperature is the lowest, precisely when you need pool heating the most. That makes heating your pool with electricity very expensive during the prime swimming months of the tourist/snowbird season.

Gas heaters are very quick at heating pools, but come at a hefty price. The cost of liquid propane or natural gas makes it prohibitive to heat a pool regularly for most people.

Solar can heat Naples swimming pools every day of the year with essentially no operating costs. That’s why you see solar panels everywhere around the city despite the wonderful weather we enjoy here. Cool nights sap heat from pools, making them slightly too cool for the average bather during prime swimming months. Solar heated pools provide a better experience without having to plan ahead or incur the costs of traditional heaters.

If you are interested in heating your Naples swimming pool with solar panels, contact us today!


  1. I already have an electric heater, how does a solar system work in conjunction with my current system?

    1. Author

      No problem at all. The solar just ties into your plumbing before the electric heater. Depending on whether you have an automation system or not, and what brand it is, you can run them simultaneously, in solar preferred mode, or solar only mode with manual control for your electric heater. It’s pretty seamless!

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