Solar Pool Heating is Very Popular in Southwest Florida

In case you didn’t notice, tens of thousands of homes have solar pool heaters in Southwest Florida. It’s is rare to find a community that does not have a home with a solar pool heater, and some are absolutely chock full of warm pools year-round. I came across the golf neighborhood of Long Meadow in Rotonda, FL, just north of Port Charlotte, after a prospective customer contacted us about solar electricity. Just about every house on the street has a solar pool heater!

It is really fascinating to see via aerial imagery how saturated some areas are with solar pool heaters, but it stands to reason… the whole industry is built on word of mouth and happy customers. Most people learn about solar pool heating through neighbors and find out quickly how it helps you enjoy your pool more and how it costs nothing after the initial investment, which is similar or often cheaper than a traditional heater (especially in this competitive market).

So if you are on the fence about a solar pool heater, look around your community and ask a neighbor about their experience. Then, give us a call to see what system will fit your roof and pool, and schedule an informative in-home presentation where you can learn about going solar!

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