Sonnen Battery eco ecoLinx

Sonnen Certified Partner for Battery Backup

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Florida Solar Design Group is now a Sonnen Certified Partner. We can now sell and install Sonnen’s Lithium Ion battery backup systems in Southwest Florida. Sonnen is a leading manufacturer of battery systems that integrate with solar photovoltaic systems, providing seamless and unlimited battery backup power for emergencies and utility outages.

Battery technology has come a long way in the last couple of years. We have been pretty resistant to offering battery backup to clients in the past due to high costs and limited backup capability. But better battery technology is coming into its own and becoming a mature technology. We can now confidently offer a product that is safe, reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective for many clients who demand the latest and best technology.

Electric vehicles have spurred advancements in battery technology. Batteries are now smaller, lighter, less expensive, and more energy dense than previous technologies. Most importantly, they are now available in integrated units that are more appealing to consumers while easing design and installation requirements.

Batteries for Backup with Solar Panels

While batteries are not ideal for everyone, and can’t fulfill all backup roles, they can play a part in storm resilience strategies. The Sonnen product integrates with new and existing solar photovoltaic systems and can manage generator backup for truly redundant and reliable backup power.

The Sonnen “eco” line of batteries provides seamless battery backup while the “ecoLinx” line offers advanced load management and home automation integration. Both offer the same energy-dense lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry (LFP). Each unit incorporates an inverter, transfer switch, battery management system, and monitoring system in a complete UL listed package.

Because Sonnen supports “AC Coupling” of solar electricity systems, new and existing systems are easily integrated without charge controllers that made previous battery system designs clunky and inefficient in some ways. AC Coupling allows solar photovoltaic systems to maintain high efficiency during grid-interactivity, passing through excess solar energy to the utility company. With fewer components, AC coupling is the best way to combine battery backup with grid-interactive solar energy.

Unlike other products in the news, Sonnen batteries are readily available now with excellent dealer support and customer focus.

We are excited to offer this new product from Sonnen, and look forward to helping our clients with a workable solution to their battery backup needs. To learn more what battery backup can do for you, contact us today.


Sonnen Battery eco ecoLinx

Sonnen ecoLink Battery System

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