Enphase Enlighten App Energy Daily and Monthly

How To Best Use The Enphase Enlighten App

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The Enphase Enlighten app comes standard with every Enphase microinverter system we install. This app is free from the manufacturer and allows you to view your system performance. We create this video to help you navigate the app and demonstrate how to use it to best understand your energy flows.

This video is best viewed in full screen on a mobile device. Here is a direct link to the full-screen version.

The Enlighten app has four tabs at the bottom. Here is a quick overview of what each tab does.


The status tab tells you what has happened today thus far (since midnight). The data displayed here is cumulative energy, not instantaneous power. If you need a primer on the difference between power and energy, go here. Depending on the time of day, this data may or may not be very useful. All of the same data shown on the energy tab, but the status tab can give you some basic insight. Look for the “System Normal” indicator in the upper left. If there is a system error or production issue, you will see it here.

The key metrics on this screen are the production figure (solar production), and if you have consumption monitoring installed you will also see your household total energy consumption and the net amount. Net imported indicates that you have consumed more energy than you have produced today. Net exported indicates you have produced more energy than you have consumed today.

Enphase Enlighten App Status


The Energy tab gives you all of the same data as the Status tab, except with more detail. The graph shows you energy production and consumption on a 15 minute interval basis. The Month view provides a breakdown on a daily basis for each day of the month being viewed. You can use the back and forward buttons to jump to different days and months.

Enphase Enlighten App Energy Daily and Monthly



The Array tab shows you energy output per panel. You can view this for a day, week, month, year, or lifetime. This is where you can spot shading issues, microinverter faults, or other production issues with your system. All panels on a given row and roof face should have relatively similar energy production over time unless there is a known reason (like shade) for the discrepancy.

Enphase Enlighten App Array


In the Menu you can change details about your system like system name, your email address, and set up notifications for monthly reports and system production issues. You can also access more detailed reports.


  1. Hello,
    Can you please explain how to install consumption monitoring on my system?

    1. Author

      Installing consumption monitoring requires a solar professional or licensed electrical contractor. Aside from being potentially dangerous electrical work, the configuration is one of the trickiest things an Enphase installer faces. Leave it to the pros.

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