Floridians for Solar Choice Sponsors Ballot Initiative

Floridians for Solar Choice is sponsoring a Constitutional Amendment that we support, and you should, too!

The purpose of the initiative is to encourage and promote local small-scale solar-generated electricity production and to enhance the availability of solar power to customers. The essential goal here is to allow individuals and business the freedom to produce and sell electricity, and to purchase solar electricity from a source other than monopoly electric utilities. This freedom exists in the majority of states, and would represent a huge opportunity for the State of Florida to become leaders in solar energy.

Frankly, Florida just needs to get on the train. Maintaining the regulatory status quo leaves this state on the platform while others develop an industry that is fantastic for economy, environment, innovation, and our long-term energy future.

Please consider signing the petition linked below and mail your completed form to Mike Antheil at 7585 Thornlee Dr., Lake Worth, FL 33467.


Solar Choice Petition

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  • blank Mary Dipboye says:

    Please clarify if individual homeowners would be able to sign Purchased Power Agreements involving solar systems on their own rooftops. I have heard that only commercial customers are covered by the amendment.

    • blank Jason Szumlanski says:

      That is not the case. PPAs are something envisioned as universally accessible. I think you are referring to the bill that is focused on the commercial property tax exemption for solar energy property. Residential properties are already exempt from property tax on solar energy property.

  • blank ken says:

    what are the expected government subsidies needed to make this workl

    • blank Jason Szumlanski says:

      That’s the beauty – no government subsidies are required. We just want government (regulations) out of the way so we can level the playing field and promote fair competition.

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