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Fort Myers is obviously a GREAT place for solar photovoltaic panels. Also known as solar electricity, these systems are primarily designed to offset your electricity bill. These are usually not backup systems for utility outages. That is a common misconception among consumers.

A system like the one pictured below, with 27 solar modules, each rated at 370 watts, will offset about $140 per month in utility electric costs. Since electricity rates will probably rise over the next 25 years, the minimum life of the system, the total electricity savings could be $60,000. For a system that costs around $20,000 after tax credits, you can almost triple your money. While it’s a long-term investment, the ROI is attractive. Your returns are also “after-tax” because you normally pay your utility bill with after-tax income!

Solar Photovoltaic System in Fort Myers, FL

Grid-Interactive Solar

These systems are also known as grid-interactive, or grid-interconnected. They are also grid-dependent, meaning they shut down when the grid is lost in order to protect utility workers from backfed power. To use solar power during utility outages, you need batteries. Most people elect to go without batteries because they are expensive, require maintenance/replacement, and take up a lot of space.

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