Installing Solar Photovoltaic Panels on New Tile Roofs

Quick Mount PV QBase With QRail
Quick Mount PV QBase Universal Tile Mount With QRail Racking and Enphase Microinverters

If you are building a new home or installing a new tile roof, in our opinion there is only one preferred method in Florida. It requires coordination of your solar contractor with the roofer. And it uses the Quick Mount PV QBase Universal Tile Mount.

The first step is the install a base flashing on the new underlayment. The base gets installed into rafters with sealant in the pilot holes. Then a base flashing is installed. This flashing gets sealed with roofing cement (tar) using a three-course method with cement and mesh. Then the roofer comes in and installs the tile, notching around each post. We then install a top flashing and EPDM boot that completes the double-flashed attachment.

This is the most robust method of installing solar panels on a tile roof. It’s a bit labor-intensive but well worth it. The peace of mind for the homeowner and installer make this method the only one we use.

If you have an existing tile roof, we can use a similar method with the Quick Mount PV Tile Replacement Mount. However, the QBase Universal gives us full access to the underlayment before the tile is installed, which makes it the preferred method.

Quick Mount PV QBase Video By Florida Solar Design Group

Check out this video of an installation we did with Quick Mount PV QBase Universal mounts on a flat tile roof in Naples, FL. This video shows the mounts, solar rails, and microinverters already installed and ready for panels. The rails will be trimmed after the panels are installed. A little more wire management and we’re done!


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Quick Mount PV Qbase Universal Tile Mount Mock Up

Quick Mount PV Qbase Universal Tile Mount Components

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