Day 4: Two-Piece Header Clamps

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iSwim two piece header mount cradles panel above roof and allows easy service.
iSwim two piece header mount cradles panel above roof and allows easy service.

iSwim Solar Pool Heating Systems feature Two-Piece Header Clamps, which are designed specifically to work with the iSwim 2 inch headers.

The two-piece header clamp idea is not revolutionary, and the iSwim clamp is not an industry first, but it is the best. The idea of a two-piece clamp is to cradle the header tube above the roof and secure it down with a top piece that slides into the lower bracket. This allows the header to expand and contract as necessary when temperatures change, and provide serviceability without disturbing the bottom bracket that is secured to the roof structure.

Because your roof structure most likely has trusses at 24 inch spacing, we can install the header clamp as necessary along the header to securely fasten bracket to structural members of your roof. The bottom bracket has two fastener holes that use washers to properly discourage water intrusion. When coupled with proper sealant and flashings, the two-piece header is the best combination of attachment strength and roof protection on any type of roof.

The iSwim header clamp was designed specifically for the iSwim solar collector, and has been tested to meet the demands of the Florida Building Code. We have engineering drawings to back up this installation method, and every job is permitted and inspected accordingly.

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