The 12 Days of Solar Pool Heating

Photovoltaic Panel ChristmasThe 12 Days of Christmas has been corrupted over and over into a retail stunt over the years, with businesses trying to sell something on the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day. We former Catholic school students know that the 12 Days of Christmas actually starts on Christmas Day, but I am not above the blasphemous usurping of the Twelvetide to promote a product in which I believe strongly. We are going to use the real 12 days and give you the 12 Days of iSwim — 12 reasons that our iSwim solar pool heating systems are better than the competition.

Check back here on each day from December 25th to January 5th to learn something else that makes us stand out! Click on the article below as the links become active.

Day 1, December 25th: Full Flow Tubes

Day 2, December 26th: Full Body Tube & Web Design

Day 3, December 27th: Two Inch Headers & Plumbing

Day 4, December 28th:  Two-Piece Header Clamps

Day 5, December 29th: Roof Protection

Day 6, December 30th: Premium Valves & Components

Day 7, December 31st: Factory Trained Installers

Day 8, January 1st: Flexible Expansion Joints

Day 9, January 2nd: Made in Florida, USA

Day 10, January 3rd: Standard Building Dimensions

Day 11, January 4th: Best Pool Heating System Performance

Day 12, January 5th: Meet the Owners: Dominick & Jason


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