iSwim tube & web design balances performance and longevity.

Day 2: Full Body Tube & Web Design

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This article is part of a series: The 12 Days of Solar Pool Heating

iSwim tube & web design balances performance and longevity.

iSwim tube & web design balances performance and longevity.

iSwim Solar Pool Heating Panels feature a full body tube & web design, meaning the panel bodies are made by extruding individual tubes connected together by fins or webbing as it is sometimes called. This panel body design results in the best balance between heating performance in adverse conditions and flexibility for leak-free operation on any roof type.

Other common panel designs feature separated or “loose” tubes that are only connected to each other at the panel top and bottom headers, or are manufactured by directly welding together individual tubes that are manufactured like drinking straws. Loose tube designs have the disadvantage of heat loss during poor weather conditions with wind and/or cool ambient air temperatures. Welded tube designs have frequent issues with leaks at weak tube welds, especially on roofs with uneven surfaces. The best practice in the industry is the tube & web design that allows no air flow between tubes and doesn’t cause problematic tube welds.

In addition to being a tube & web design, the iSwim solar pool heating collector features and industry-exclusive fluted tube surface for maximum energy harvest. This design also results in a more matte finish rather than a smooth shiny finish on the panel, which is preferable to most homeowners.

Full body panels perform the best when you need pool heating performance the most — during adverse weather where loose tube designs allow wind to pass through the panel body.


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