Day 12: Meet the Owners: Dominick & Jason

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This article is part of a series: The 12 Days of Solar Pool Heating

Regardless of how long a company has been around, isn’t it nice to meet the owner(s) to see for yourself with whom you are doing business? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the personal cell phone number of the people responsible for your major purchase, so if you have any questions you can get answer from an authoritative source without going through layers of management? Isn’t it better when you are a direct line to someone that is responsible and accountable in every way?

Dominick Zito and Jason Szumlanski own Florida Solar Design Group, and you will be dealing with at least one of us directly for every purchase. Dominick handles consultation and sales, while Jason is responsible for system design and field operations. We met in 2009 while working for another local solar contractor, Dominick as Sales Manager and Jason as General Manager. We recently decided to step out together “on our own” to take the best of what we had learned about the local solar energy industry and offer something better than we could representing someone else.

In starting our own solar contracting business, we realized our focus needed to be on three areas where others were failing to meet customer expectations: customer communication, product performance, and system reliability.

Customer Communication

Our business was built on a foundation of solar energy consulting. We know how important a solar energy purchase is to consumers, because it is no small sum of money required to achieve desired results. Solar panels are both an investment and a luxury, and every customer has different needs and goals. They also have different concerns and expectations with respect to the property we are improving. That is where communications is key. You want to understand the process, when things will be accomplished, and what to expect before, during, and after your solar energy installation. We have set up systems to help with communicating effectively, but most important is your direct line of communication with Dominick or Jason. While we can’t do everything, and we rely on staff for routine administration and communication, you can talk to the owners when you feel you need to go right to the top to get a question answered or an issue resolved.

Product Performance

We selected the iSwim Solar Pool Heating Panel for all of the reasons we gave in this series leading up to today. Given today’s high efficiency pools, smaller pump sizes, variable speed pumps, and smaller plumbing used in older pools, the low resistance iSwim panel is an obvious choice. Where panel restriction has been used in the industry for decades to achieve panel flow balancing, the days of over-sized electric pumps and small inefficient pool plumbing are behind us. We needed a better way to guarantee the flow rates necessary for proper panel performance to heat your pool. We can get the same performance from a smaller system now that flow rates are virtually eliminated as a problem.


Over the years we saw major issues with customer satisfaction resulting from panels leaking and systems not performing, sometimes very soon after installation. While occasional (infrequent) leaks and system failures are to be expected in all brands, repeated, early, and unexplained leaks were crushing the confidence our clients had in the technology. We are confident that the iSwim panel has drastically higher reliability compared to all competitors due to the panel design and manufacturing process. We have been to the factory to see how they are made, and the design just makes sense, eliminating the weakest parts of the panel in favor of superior methods. In addition, we don’t cut corners on materials, and we properly train and monitor field employees so the workmanship is second to none in all of our installations.

Why Choose Us?

Dominick and Jason are committed to your satisfaction, and are prepared to everything possible to provide an excellent customer experience. If things go wrong, as they sometimes do, we will make it right, and will be there for you personally. Our entire staff is committed to happy customers, and that starts at the top.

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