Cape Coral Solar Pool Heater Installation on a Tile Roof

Roof Mounted Solar Pool Heater in Cape Coral, FL

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This installation of a solar pool heater was just completed by Florida Solar Design Group in Cape Coral, FL. It features a total of nine solar panels (five pictured). What you see in the upper left is the vacuum relief, which allows air into the system when the pump turns off, ensuring the system can drain properly without creating negative pressure and collapsing or warping solar panels and plumbing. Note how solar panels are strapped down using strong and non-elastic woven poly straps that are gentle on the panels, but provide more than adequate tie down strength. Adhesive tile bond foam is used to strengthen the roof tile attachments in an engineered pattern around each attachment point. This, coupled with the header clamps, provides a rock solid roof attachment.

Cape Coral Solar Pool Heater Installation on a Tile Roof





  1. These installations look solid. How easily damaged are the panels if a tree branch were to fall onto one?

    1. Author

      Tube leaks are repaired with simple plugs that disable affected individual tubes, of which there are 104 per panel.

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