Solar Energy Consulting, Design, and Sales Agency Opens January 1, 2015 in Fort Myers, FL

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Note: The information contained on this page is outdated. Florida Solar Design Group no longer represents Fafco Solar.

Southwest Florida has a new player in the solar energy industry. Florida Solar Design Group (FSDG) offers solar energy consulting, design, and sales serving Florida alternative energy seekers. FSDG will be serving as a sales agency for Fafco Solar, a solar contractor that has been serving Southwest Florida for over 40 years. The consulting firm will provide services related to the sale, installation, and post-sale support of solar energy systems including solar electricity (photovoltaic), solar pool heating, and solar water heating systems.

The Florida Solar Design Group is owned by Jason Szumlanski and Dominick Zito, who have each been employed by Fafco Solar for over five years. Szumlanski and Zito have pooled resources and knowledge to open Florida Solar Design Group with the aim of providing expert education, technical services, and sales support to end consumers. Szumlanski, formerly VP/GM at Fafco Solar, is the Principal Solar Designer, providing technical sales and installation support. Zito, formerly Sales Manager at Fafco Solar, is the Principal Solar Consultant, focusing on education, solution identification, and sales.

“We are excited to start providing expert-level services to consumers seeking solar energy solutions for their homes and businesses,” said Szumlanski. “Solar energy is practical and cost effective in Florida, and we want to help educate consumers and deliver results based on their goals, which typically include financial, environmental, and quality of life priorities.”

Zito added, “The demand for solar energy products in Florida is unquestionable. Solar energy provides an exciting alternative to traditional electricity, pool heating, and water heating sources, and there is no market with more opportunity for growth than Florida.”

The firm will be opening it’s doors on January 1, 2015 in a location yet to be determined, and will primarily serve customers at their homes and businesses by appointment. Florida Solar Design Group will employ unparalleled professional staff and technology tools to deliver outstanding services with local expertise among the players in the industry.



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