Ground Mounted Solar Panels

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People ask us sometimes if we do ground-mounted solar panels. Solar photovoltaic systems can be mounted on traditional solar rails with engineered racking systems. And, YES, we install solar panels on ground racks.

Why You Should, Or Shouldn’t, Consider a Ground Mount

It might seem like a great idea at first. However, there are pros and cons to mounting solar panels on the ground. Among those are:


  • No holes in the roof.
  • Looks great, no need to consider aesthetics on the home.
  • Perform great with excellent airflow and you get to choose the angle and orientatation.
  • Serviceable – easy to keep clean and maintain if there is a problem.


  • Expensive, particularly for smaller systems. Larger systems can be attractive but have a lower return on investment compared to roof-mounted panels.
  • Space consuming – takes up extra space on your property
  • Shading can be an issue from trees and structures that are close by.
  • Wind loads – panels are especially susceptible to winds, as the array acts like a sail.
  • Permanent – systems require lots of concrete and steel to be securely mounted in our sandy soil with high design wind speeds.
  • Damage risk – possible increased risk of things like rocks thrown from lawn equipment, vehicles, and other hazards near the ground.

Fort Myers Ground Mounted Solar Example

Here is a brief video showing a solar electric system ground mount under construction in Fort Myers, FL.

Most people stick to mounting solar panels on their roofs due to cost and the availability of suitable space. But ground mounts can be an excellent alternative if you have the space, budget, and need for a larger system.

If you are interested in solar panels, whether on the ground or on your roof, give us a call today!

Note: Solar pool heaters require a solid substrate rather than a rack system, and the cost to construct a ground-mounted solar pool heater is prohibitive. This article pertains to solar electric systems only.

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